Helping to feed a growing global population

Global Projections By:

Global Population
Increase in Food Production

Source: National, Dr. Dickson Despommier

the world will need 70% more food production

Today the food sector produces 25% of greenhouse emissions and 70% of freshwater usage is attributed to agriculture.

68% of us will live in dense urban areas

Requiring localized, safe, high-quality food production while greatly reducing logistics and packaging.

THERE is a way!

To improve and enable food production with 90% less water, zero pesticides ..and reducing the overall agricultural footprint by 80%.

… AND deliver a substantial, SUSTAINABLE, positive impact on society

In AgTech, irrigation water enhanced with high levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) improves plant health and accelerates growth. Indoor vertical farmers and greenhouse growers with aggressive farm-to-fork metrics, can realize increased marketable yields and reduced operating costs. Our solutions for hydroponic applications modernize traditional aeration systems, while providing cloud-connected sensing and monitoring for maximum flexibility and remote control.